Friday, February 8, 2013

Bow storage

I've been saving this little shoebox because it seemed perfect to use for something crafty - the little window in the front had a lot of potential, and the shape and ribbon handle are so cute.

I have a place upstairs in the nursery to store hair bows and headbands (which is also super cute, and I need to put up pictures sometime), but I needed something small downstairs since that's where I get the kids dressed pretty frequently.

I covered the back of the box with the cute numbers paper (all of my papers are from a Studio Calico kit), and cut down the little ridge inside that separated the shoes to cover the inside too.

On the front, I put a little strip of coordinating paper and big foam letters.

I've gotten really into washi tape since Studio Calico started putting them in almost every month's box, so I put some black & white washi tape around the outside edges to finish that off a little bit and add some contrast.

A yellow flower for a pop of color, and we're all set! Easy peasy. I like that this is easy to throw all the bows into (while color-coordinated fancy organization is cute, it's a pain) and it's easy to see what's inside.