Thursday, February 26, 2009

love is...

I haven't been stamping much this week - for some reason, now that I'm working less and have more time on my hands, I have so much more to do I don't have time for it all. It's great!

This week's "love is" digiscrap is below - my parents' anniversary was this week. 31 years!

I've been really into yellow and simple layouts lately - I'm not too sure about the frame in this one, but I thought it was cute.

Credits: Background: LouCee Creations; Doodle: Susan Long; Frame: Michelle Underwood

Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Quotes

I rearranged my office a little today (couldn't really get to my sewing machine, so I switched the sewing table with the paper stack - much better), and decided to put up my other quote while I was at it. It's extremely off-center, and the "THE" is a tad lower than the rest of the line, but I was sort of taking my life in my hands to get it up there at all since we don't have a stepladder (not sure if the laundry hamper is really built for that purpose). I also got some Artist Trading Cards done for a swap, and I lovelovelove them - they turned out SO cute. If you're not in the swap, check them out starting here. If you are in the swap, wait till you get one in the mail.

All About Me

Week 2 of Casey's Digi Challenge - all about me!

Oops, forgot to add credits again!

Credits: Doodle by Imagine by Fran Designs, picture from the Graphics Fairy, paper by Shabby Princess, frame by... I have no clue, I can't find it now anywhere.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No Stamping

I haven't been stamping this week - I've been caught up in something else:

I finally have the top done (well, except the border), and I'm going to try to pick up the border/backing/binding material and batting tomorrow. Mr. Patchwork Owl doesn't really have anything to do with this quilt - he's just saying hi.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Casey's Fun Digi Challenge Week 1

I thought I'd post my page for Casey's Digi Challenge this week. Since I'm too broke cheap to get Photoshop, I've been using the image manipulation program GIMP. It took some adjustment, but I'm having fun with it now. I think this page is sort of funny, because I worked awfully hard on the computer to make a digital page look like I did it all by hand...

Check out her blog tomorrow for all the great entries!

Credits: Doodles courtesy of Susan Long at; background by Michelle Underwood; sticky note by Ronna Penner.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tonight's project

How awesome is this wedding invitation sample book? I snagged it when the store got a new book to replace it.

I'm going to go through tonight and make a box of all the bits and pieces of paper I can use - there are so many invitations that use great cardstock and images. I can't wait to see what I find!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Baby Wipes Kit

I'm taking a belated shower gift to a friend tomorrow, because I was working during her shower. I've had this adorable baby wipes kit by Julie Masse in my bookmarks for a while, just waiting for the right time to try it myself. I'm so excited to give it to her!

I picked up the bear at work - it's so fantastically, amazingly soft. I've been petting it every day since I started, so I finally bought it today to give to my friend. The baby oil, wash, and lotion are all Johnson & Johnson, and I made the new labels with my JustRite stamper (with a stamp from SU's A New Little Someone set in the middle) and Papertrey cardstock, patterned paper, and ribbon.

I put the recipe in a clear plastic card sleeve (like Julie did in her original), and hung it from the jar with more Papertrey ribbon.

Materials: Paper: Papertrey Lemon Tart, Lavender Moon, Bitty Baby Blessings Patterned Paper; Ink: JustRite black, Papertrey Lavender Moon; Ribbon: Papertrey Lemon Tart, Lavender Moon twill; Stamps: Stampin' Up! A New Little Someone, JustRite Stamper; buttons, eyelets

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Challenge post!

Today's PTI challenge (with an AWESOME prize!) is to create/decorate a bag, so I thought I'd put up these - slightly unconventional bags, I guess, but so useful and quick. I love stamping with Palette inks on fabric! These are done with PTI's Boards and Beams and Spring Moss and Burnt Umber (now called Dark Chocolate) ink, with Spring Moss grosgrain to tie them.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Raspberry Mocha

I'm having so much fun with Raspberry Fizz... I thought I'd be put off by how bold it is, but it's really fun. I made up this thank-you card yesterday to put in my etsy shop, and I love how the raspberry works with Dark Chocolate.

I decided to alter a mason jar for my ground espresso - I've started getting it half a pound at a time so it doesn't go stale before I can use it all, and it helps to have the smallest possible airtight container for it. My other one was just too big and allowed in too much air by the time I got to the last half of the coffee. I love using mason jars for storage - I have all of my buttons in various jars, and I posted my change jar here a few weeks ago. They're just so versatile!

I used PTI's Dark Chocolate cardstock and Ripe Avocado ink and ribbon for this, along with their new Fresh Snow for the marshmallows. I originally tried to do white coffee beans as a background on the Dark Chocolate, but pigment ink takes a while to dry and I was impatient to get it stuck down to the lid. I think this will work really well for my coffee! I didn't want to do anything around the jar itself, because espresso grounds tend to get EVERYWHERE, and I didn't want to make more places for them to get caught. These wide-mouth jars are so nice, though - my measuring spoon fits inside with no problem.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Awesome giveaway

Papertrey is gearing up for their second anniversary with a TON of fantastic giveaways and announcements. Go check out Nichole Heady's blog for links to all the amazing stuff you can win. Every designer is giving away their favorite set, and there's more to come!