Sunday, February 6, 2011

Inspiration Board

I've been wanting to put up an inspiration board for a while; someplace where I can put cards I receive, or magazine pages, or inspiring photos.

When I saw a pack of 4 square corkboards at Target (4 for $6!), I decided I'd try to make my inspiration board into an inspiration piece all by itself.

This is what came of it! The top-left corner is covered in fabric (I wish I'd used a different adhesive - this was supposed to dry clear, but you can see it through the fabric. The rest of the boards, I originally stamped on the natural corkboard, but the ink/paint colors didn't show up very well once they'd dried. So I painted over them with a thin layer of white acrylic paint (thin so that the texture of the cork would show through) and tried it again. All of the images are from Fancy Pants, and the blue and green are Apple Barrel acrylic paints - the pink is Hibiscus pigment ink from Papertrey.

I'm excited to fill it up with inspiration - the green corner is my favorite!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Aforementioned Bookmark

And, here's the bookmark I mentioned making yesterday. Still working with the same set of pink/green/vintage-y scraps & palette I've been using all week, with the newsprint flowers I used on another bookmark recently.

I picked this sentiment stamp for the back, because I say it so often... "As soon as I finish this chapter!"

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Romantic Valentine

Just a fun little Valentine on a cold day... I actually started with a coffee set, thinking of a "keeping warm" theme, but somehow it evolved into this card, with the only stamp from the coffee set being the heart. Which isn't really coffee/warmth themed at all. Oh well.

All papers are from my favorite go-to lately, Basic Grey's Bittersweet line. And the word stamp is from a random little book-themed stamp set that I bought... at a convention, maybe? (Here we go... found it. "Book Lovers" by Clear Art Stamps. And now that I'm looking at the site to find that, I'm finding so many others that I want... check out this awesome Alice set or this adorable Fairy/nature set - their vintage-y style is right up my alley.)

Getting out this set is inspiring me to make more bookmarks... I think that'll be next in line.