Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I started an Etsy shop! Go check it out!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Change jar

Just a little project I came up with this weekend - still a work in progress, I think. I was getting irritated with all the change lying around, and had some extra jars from a Christmas project, so I thought I'd pretty one up and use it for change. I happened to find one of my wedding invitations in a box, so I took the vellum/white/silver color scheme and ran with it. The white handmade paper with silver stars was absolutely the BEST to work with for this kind of project - it has a lot of cotton fibers in it, so it's very flexible and just soaks up the Mod Podge.

I also tore a few images off the front of a Christmas card we received - they're very sweet tiny images of kids playing in the snow. I covered the top with the same white/silver paper, adhered a ribbon from Papertrey, and punched a slot in it with my Crop-a-dile. I finished off the whole thing with a top layer of sparkle Mod Podge, to give it some glitter, and some white rick-rack. I might put on some more ribbons if I find something I like, or maybe some pearls.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Guess who got a new camera!

Merry Christmas to me! I got exactly what I wanted for Christmas - a new Canon PowerShot SX10 IS. I already love it so much it's ridiculous - it has image stabilization (which I need SO much), and is a nice in-between camera - smaller and more portable than a DSLR, but with a much better zoom than your usual point-and-shoot, a flip-out viewfinder, a connection for my big flash, and enough bulk to really hold.

Anyway, I tested it out on a card I made the other day - check it out!

I left the bottom-left area blank on purpose - that way I can put an appropriate sentiment there whenever I decide to use it.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Is it just me, or is this stamp sweet but... REALLY weird? Kind of limited in use, I'd think.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sad, sad

Unfortunately, I've managed to lose my second battery charger for the same camera, and my little point-and-shoot is broken. So I've been doing some stamping, but don't have any way right now of posting images. Hopefully I'll pick up another charger (the third - gah!) or find some other solution soon.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I couldn't go to a wrapping party today, so I took a few minutes to do some of my own... I picked up this little set of boxes and embellishments on a post-Christmas clearance rack a few years ago, and forgot about them till the move. I won't do a materials section on this, because I apparently took off the label when I got it and have no clue where it's from. It's actually a really comprehensive set... several boxes, lots of tags and ribbon and flowers, tons of stuff to dress them up. I built this box, then put patterned paper around the bottom and a ribbon at the border... the ribbon was a little short to go all the way around, so I ran a tag through my Xyron, tied another ribbon through one end, and put flowers on the other.

On this one, I pulled out a 7gypsies texturing set I picked up a while back - it's a sheet of adhesive rub-ons with sheets of gold foil, black velvet, and silver glitter that you can rub on to the adhesive. I think this one turned out really cute! The gold cording (from last week's treasure trove) works really nicely with it, and I just tied it closed with a couple of tags from the set.

Sadie says, "Hey, what's going on in here? Want to show off my new 'do?" And I do, so I did.