Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Raspberry Mocha

I'm having so much fun with Raspberry Fizz... I thought I'd be put off by how bold it is, but it's really fun. I made up this thank-you card yesterday to put in my etsy shop, and I love how the raspberry works with Dark Chocolate.

I decided to alter a mason jar for my ground espresso - I've started getting it half a pound at a time so it doesn't go stale before I can use it all, and it helps to have the smallest possible airtight container for it. My other one was just too big and allowed in too much air by the time I got to the last half of the coffee. I love using mason jars for storage - I have all of my buttons in various jars, and I posted my change jar here a few weeks ago. They're just so versatile!

I used PTI's Dark Chocolate cardstock and Ripe Avocado ink and ribbon for this, along with their new Fresh Snow for the marshmallows. I originally tried to do white coffee beans as a background on the Dark Chocolate, but pigment ink takes a while to dry and I was impatient to get it stuck down to the lid. I think this will work really well for my coffee! I didn't want to do anything around the jar itself, because espresso grounds tend to get EVERYWHERE, and I didn't want to make more places for them to get caught. These wide-mouth jars are so nice, though - my measuring spoon fits inside with no problem.


Casey said...

I love the boldness of the card!

Casey said...

I forgot to mention your mason jar. I really like that too. I love the mug on top!