Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Quotes

I rearranged my office a little today (couldn't really get to my sewing machine, so I switched the sewing table with the paper stack - much better), and decided to put up my other quote while I was at it. It's extremely off-center, and the "THE" is a tad lower than the rest of the line, but I was sort of taking my life in my hands to get it up there at all since we don't have a stepladder (not sure if the laundry hamper is really built for that purpose). I also got some Artist Trading Cards done for a swap, and I lovelovelove them - they turned out SO cute. If you're not in the swap, check them out starting here. If you are in the swap, wait till you get one in the mail.


Casey said...

I love that quote! I will have to go check out the cards

Mrs. T said...

I love the cards! So cute.