Thursday, August 13, 2009


As promised forever ago, I'm back with ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). The theme for this exchange was Time, and I think this wise little reader sort of looks like an amalgam of Father Time and Baby New Year. I stamped the book on some shiny textured cardstock I'd salvaged from a book of invitation samples, and cut it out to give the image some dimension.

This is my new toy - I love it! I've been participating in some ATC exchanges recently, and since they're small, they can be easy to lose track of. This little display holder from 7 Gypsies is so cute and retro, and looks fantastic on my desk. The card showing in the front is a gorgeous one I got recently - the image is printed on stiffened silk, then the center of the flower is stitched through with thread to give it texture. So gorgeous!

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Casey said...

ooooh I love your new toy! I also think you captured the theme very well, good job!