Friday, January 7, 2011

Dies in a Handbasket

I got this cute little basket during the holidays, with some yummy treats inside and a forest green Christmas image on top. I really like the size, so I thought I'd paint and stamp it so I can use it year-round.

I primed the top and painted it blue (with an Apple Barrel acrylic paint), then stamped a couple of Fancy Pants images on top. I was excited about this, because I've had two Fancy Pants sets for a while with the most beautiful images, but I needed something larger than a card to use them on.

This picture shows where I need to touch up a few places with the white paint... part of the weaving was red, so I painted the whole bottom part white so that it wouldn't clash with the new blue top. I was originally going to use this as a sewing basket, but embroidery hoops wouldn't fit. Then, I noticed that I kept worrying about losing my Cuttlebug dies because they were in an open-topped bag - turns out this is the perfect size to fit all of my embossing folders and dies, and the top is nice and heavy, so I won't be losing them. How fun!

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Casey said...

I wish I was as creative as you. I love what you come up with