Thursday, January 13, 2011

Valentine Time Already

I came up with a couple of simple Valentines yesterday (okay, I was totally cheating - I'd started them with something else in mind and had all the elements just sitting here on my desk). Part of why I hadn't made the other cards I was planning with these elements is that the designs on the paper are just too gorgeous - I didn't want to cover them up with any other images. And then I got inspired by some of my friend Gwen's cards - she does some really gorgeous cards with a graphic main layer with just a sentiment on top - clean lines and matting, and restraint in embellishments, really elevate her designs.

So I dug out this slider die that I've had for my Cuttlebug for a while and used the flip side of the patterned paper (that's my favorite way to make sure patterned papers coordinate - I guess it's kind of obvious, but it seems like the flip side of an intricate design is usually something complementary and simple like this green grid design) on a twill ribbon that matched my mat layer. The "love" sentiment is from one of my big Fancy Pants stamp collections, and I think they turned out so cute. I love the little deer!


Casey said...

So cute! These are perfect for Valentines day. You honestly need to sell your stuff

Bonnie said...

Thanks! You know, I tried etsy for a while, and it was just way too much pressure keeping it stocked. You see how sporadically I post on my blog - that's about how often I make cards. There were also a lot of requests for multiples of cards, but the way I make them doesn't really lend itself to remaking more of the same card.