Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Fun with Scoring

I also picked up some German glass glitter (my favorite kind) at Smitten, and the color is fantastic with Papertrey's Lavender Moon and Plum Pudding. I tried a scoring/tape technique I've seen around, and I think it turned out great!

I scored lines just far enough apart to fit double-sided scrapbook tape in between them. This super-strong tape (I don't remember what this brand is, but others I've seen using the same technique use Scor-Tape) is fantastic for making nice straight lines of well-stuck glitter. I poured the glitter over and shook off the excess, then patted it down to secure it.

You know what the worst possible thing to do with glitter is? Try to get it back in the original container. The first time I use a new color of glitter, I always get out a gladware/tupperware/ziploc container with a sealing lid - actually, I really need to get a new matching set, because I've got all my glitters in different sizes of container - and use it to catch any excess glitter. It works so much better, and then when I'm doing anything else with the glitter I can just use a spoon to add it.

The cupcake and sentiment are both from the Papertrey Anniversary set.

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