Friday, November 18, 2011

Internet, I need your input

Particularly you design-oriented people.

I'm still working on figuring out this mantel configuration (and yes, I'll probably get it done just in time to revamp everything for Christmas... but at least then I'll know where to put everything back). My brother-in-law gave me some good ideas and a good start by pulling out some of my children's books and getting them set up in a display with the shadow box.

This is the section he did, and I really like how it looks with the various heights and things leaning and facing different directions.

Here's the whole thing, though:

I still have a little more than half to fill up. I've pulled out some more books, and filled in some space, but now I need to decide whether the game and/or framed pictures should be hanging, and in what configuration, and then how densely to arrange the books on the shelf around/below them. I'm just kind of stuck. This kind of 3-D large-scale visual arrangement isn't something I do much.

The remaining side close-up:

Any brilliant ideas? Or websites you've found useful for this kind of thing? I think what's stumping me is that the whole thing is just so LONG. There's a lot of space to work with.


Casey K said...

Wow, what a big mantle! I love what he did. I have no ideas as I am horrible at designing! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Emily said...

Check out the fireplace in this blog post;

I like how she uses both the of the mantle and the floor. Also, she uses a variety of sizes. I think what may be bugging you is that the items are all similar in height. You might try that whole stack books horizontal and then other books or some sort of box/vase vertical on top of the stack.

Also, am I correct in thinking your fireplace isn't centered but on the left side? I would emphasis this by treating the mantle into two separate sections. delineating the fireplace mantle by the classic mirror image vessels/ candlestick flanking the two sides with a large picture hanging above, (ie the gameboard.) Then I'd hang a grouping of three or five smaller pictures on the other side. The use your remaining pretties to still the mantle on that side.

Does this make any sense?

I love all your stuff I think it just needs some separation and a few bigger pieces to make it really shine. HTH

Bonnie said...

Thanks, Em - those are exactly the kind of ideas I was looking for. I'm definitely going to be hanging some things to get some height, I just want to be sure about where I want them before I do anything because holes are kind of glaring in the paneling.

I'm going to play around with height a little bit and see what I can do.

Leslie Miller said...

I love how clean and crisp it looks, but I can't add anything to Emily's great ideas. I do have a mantle clock in the center of mine, with some photo frames and antique tins in groups. I try to keep it easy to dust, but still interesting. By the way, congratulations on your news about the twins!

Margaret said...

I would take the two identically-sized photos in white frames and hang them, on the wall, at opposite ends of the mantel.

I'd then put something big, preferably of a different shape, in between them (a big clock, or something).

Your book/shadow box/letter display could then go under one of the white-framed photos, and the game could go under the other one,
flanked by a grouping of smaller objects, e.g. classic toys (a Noah's ark, a train, a Russian stacking doll, etc.).

I also agree that you could use some height, and that Emily's idea of not neglecting the floor is a good one. (You could even put a big vase with some tall dried flowers or spray-painted twigs on one side on the floor).

Symmetry is also important - hence my suggestion of framing the whole thing with the two white-framed photos.