Saturday, January 3, 2009

Favorite Bella

I made this card this week to put up on my Etsy site - I need to be better about remembering to post here as well as there. This is my first and favorite bella - Jammybella. The bellas are so much fun to paper-piece, and I especially love picking out coordinating papers for Jammybella's pants and top. Her slippers are fun, too - I keep meaning to try flocking to give them that fuzzy look, but I do at least always put Stickles or Liquid Pearls or something on them to make them a pop.

I made two versions of this card - one with lighter pink and one with darker pink. I'd actually started out making just one, but the background ended up a lot darker overall than the bella, so I figured I'd just split it into two cards and make them coordinate a little better. You can probably tell I love this designer paper from Papertrey - I even ordered an extra pack mostly for the one design. It's so sweet!

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