Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Latest Craft Obsession

Someone pointed me toward Sublime Stitching, and I've been embroidery-obsessed ever since. This isn't actually one of their patterns - it's a "Bonnie Bonnet" pattern I picked up at the store. I'm using it for practice while I wait for my books from Sublime Stitching to come so I can learn some fancier stitches and start some bigger projects. In the meantime, I'll finally master the french knot and end up with some new kitchen towels.


Casey said...

How cool! You will have to post pictures of all you do!

Kristen said...

Cool! I definitely don't have the patience for that!

Bonnie said...

This kind of embroidery actually moves a LOT quicker than cross-stitching, which is what I've done before - I'd been losing patience with that. This is a lot more rewarding. I've probably only spent about half an hour so far on the towel design. I've spent more time sorting out floss colors and figuring out stitches!