Saturday, January 9, 2010

Yum yum yummy

Poking around on Yelp, I found high praise for the Crazy Tomato and decided to try it out for dinner tonight.

O. M. G.

We got the pepperoni rolls (best ones I've had) and I had the combo pasta - really good, but I ended up mostly eating the spaghetti under the rest of the pasta, because the sauce is so good. Next time, I'll probably end up just getting baked spaghetti (all of the pastas are baked with lots and lots of yummy cheese on top). Actually, I'll probably alternate between baked spaghetti and pepperoni rolls - everything we got was SO huge, we really didn't need to get as much food as we ordered (although we're glad we did, so we could try things). I'm so full, and have leftovers for the rest of the week.


Casey said...

Those pictures look sooooo good. I am so sad I can't eat that stuff anymore. Eat lots for me

Bonnie said...

Oh right, forgot you were starting your new diet - sorry to post such non-diet-y things!

My sister's on (I think) a similar diet to yours - if you want I can see if she has any good recipes to pass along.

Kristen said...

That food looks sooooo good! Miguel and I are gonna have to try it soon!

Casey said...

No worries Bonnie. I can live through others! I would be interested to see if your sister has any good recipes!

Emily said...

Oh! Nom Nom Nom.
Where IS this place?

Bonnie said...

On Main - it's a little takeout/delivery place that doesn't even have tables. So good!