Monday, January 18, 2010

This is Barnaby

Meet Barnaby the Beetle. He's been in the family for almost 6 years now. He gets his name from his pinstripes - they run down each side and end in swirls on the back that look like 'B's.

Barnaby started out his day with brunch at Mimi's Cafe - made it in time for the Brie Crepes (they only serve those till noon).

After brunch, Barnaby did some shopping at It's A Party... didn't buy anything, but ran into an old acquaintance and had a nice chat.

Barnaby had to stop at PetSmart to pick up some doggy de-stinker spray... gotta love that Nature's Miracle.

Then Barnaby picked up the stinkers themselves - they love to go for a ride.

Barnaby went for a shower - turns out Sadie is REALLY not a fan.

Although Miles thought it was a really exciting ride.

Wish there was a "before" for this shot... let's just say Barnaby's back was, um... trashed. Completely.

Barnaby spent another evening in the Bug-infested driveway, getting his maintenance finished up,

then drove home into the sunset.


Casey said...

I love Barnaby, I want one! This was such a cute post!

Jenny said...

Barnaby and Betty Burple should meet. I think they would hit it off :)

Kristen said...

Love the Barnaby documentary!

Lori said...

This was a great post! :) I love your stories... Barnaby had a big day! :D