Friday, January 15, 2010

Um, crap

Sometimes I'm glad I'm not a homeowner yet.

Or at least not this particular home.

See, all these cracks (and more, I just didn't post them all because they look pretty much the same) appeared basically overnight.

Remember those fun couple of days last week and earlier this week when it was suuuper cold all of a sudden and then *TA-DA* balmy and gorgeous outside? Yeah, apparently top-floor apartments in brand-new buildings don't really like that so much.


Casey said...

Oh man, that totally sucks. IS the complex going to fix it?

Bonnie said...

Yeah, they're coming out next week. Probably just painting over them.

Casey said...

I hate it when they just paint over them because then they just come right back. Oh well at least you don't have to pay for it each time

Kristen said...

Man, that sucks!