Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Challenge is now a Contest!

I've decided to up the ante on the ATC challenge, and make it a contest!

For the prize, I've chosen a couple of things I love to use all the time - both glitter (because everyone needs more glitter).

The prize includes a 3-pack of 0.5-oz. bottles of Stickles glitter glue (Cotton Candy, Star Dust, and Lavender), and a 3-pack of 0.37-oz. bottles of Martha Stewart glitter with glue (Smoky Quartz, silver and gold - I can't actually see the names of the second two, so they may actually be something else, but they're silver and gold colored). I use both of these products ALL the time, and thought they'd be a good thing to pass along to the winner.

The winner will be chosen by me and posted on June 8, and entries need to be in by midnight, June 7. Photos of entries can be mailed to me at birdishappy at gmail dot com or left in the comments on the original ATC Challenge post. Leave a comment here if you're going to be joining - I'd like to know who's interested!

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