Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Abbey!

Since it's Abbey's birthday, and since I was waiting to post her card until she'd opened it, today's the Abbey's Birthday post.

I don't always have time for it, but I love making a gift look really nice, with wrapping that I spent some time on and maybe a matching card.

For Abbey's birthday, I got her a mini greenhouse, so she can start a little herb (or flower) garden before she even has a yard. She's just such an herb-garden kind of person, and it's such a cute little tin greenhouse with plant pots and little miniature tools.

I have several rolls of Martha Stewart wrapping paper that I picked up several years ago on sale for $1 apiece - before I bought them, I would have told you that the regular price (something like $5 or $6 apiece) was waaaaaay too high for wrapping paper, but now that I've used the ones I got on sale, I'd probably buy more at full price. The paper is excellent quality, and is thick enough to make wrapping look REALLY nice (it doesn't get weird creases or folds that make it look sloppy). I also had gotten different coordinating patterns, so that I can make coordinating cards - that's the other nice thing about how thick the paper is - it's much better to use for cardmaking than regular wrapping paper would be. The downside of the thickness is that it's REALLY hard to lay flat.

Since this was a greenhouse, I pulled out two rolls of the MS wrapping paper that had little seedling-looking plants all over them. I used the pink background for actually wrapping the box, and the green background for a card. The flower on the card is from Papertrey's Remember set, and the birthday sentiment is from their 2010 (or maybe 2009?) anniversary set.

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