Sunday, September 28, 2008

Neat finds

We went yesterday to Waxahachie to have lunch at the Catfish Plantation, which was a lot of fun - but then, we drove down to check out the historic downtown area, and went to the Dove's Nest - wow, such a great place. It was a fantastic grouping of lovely little antiques collections and gifts and soaps... I could have spent hours there, and I didn't even get to check out the scrapbooking store next door. I think there's definitely another visit in order some time soon.

I picked up this nice little collection of bits and bobs that I can't wait to put into some cards - a couple of vintage velvety flowers, some pretty fall leaves, a few yards of perfectly faded ribbon, and several little sections of old lace. I love the little glass bottle full of tiny purple flowers - I almost don't want to open it and use them.

We stopped at a bakery on the way back, and I ran into the antique store on the other side of the square - there were SO many wonderful little items there, including a gorgeous purple Tiffany-style lamp, which would have come home with me if I could have justified spending the money. I'm still tempted - for some reason that little square is my truly bizarre place to spend too much money on things. There are only about five stores, but one of the few other times I've been there, I bought my wedding cake topper. It's still one of my favorite wedding keepsakes.

They had a set of pink glass dishes that I fell in love with, too - I really wish I'd taken my camera, even though I only have the big one now. I did pick up this sweet green jug for my paintbrushes - the flower in it came from the Dove's Nest findings grab-bag. I love lilies of the valley. I can't wait to put some of my new treats to use - I have to fight the inclination to stockpile them and not use them, but I love the challenge of making something pretty when I only have the one shot with a limited resource. The little vintage notebook should be fun to alter.

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