Friday, September 19, 2008

New Toy and a Not-So-Surprise

I've been seeing some really fun projects lately made with JustRite Stampers, and the shipment of PTI stamps I was expecting to play with this weekend was delayed, so I picked one up at Scrap Barn today. It's really a neat deal - the set I got comes with the basic stamper, four borders, and a large and small alphabet, and you can make any number of monograms with it.

I thought I'd play around a little, and the clean line of the basic circle border made me think of my sister, so I thought I'd make up a little set of notecards for her. It's a nice basic set of notecards, very simple layout, using PTI's white, Berry Sorbet, and Sweet Blush cardstocks.

I got excited about what I was making and forgot to stop and take a photo, but I did make up a sketch of the little box to put them in - it's such a simple, quick box, and it's fantastic for a small set like this.

I punch half-circles in the top with my circle punch so that it's easier to pull out the cards. Another variation on this that I use a lot (although for some reason I can't find a single one today) is to put ribbon handles (adhered under a coordinating front and back panel) and/or a lid on it. Since I want this to be really clean and simple, I left off the coordinating panels and lid, and just adhered some twill tape around the middle, with another monogram medallion as the focal point.

This is the completed set - it'd be a surprise, for... I don't know... Columbus Day or something, but I'm pretty sure this entry will show up in her Reader in a minute, so... Surprise!


Mrs. T said...

This set is so cute! I really like the light pink and darker pink together. Abby is lucky.

FUMCCMissions said...

I AM lucky! Thanks, B! So yeah it showed up in my reader Fri night but I just now saw it. It was a lovely surprise though. Thanks so much!