Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Abbey's candy

I thought, for the prize for yesterday's winner, it'd be fun to decorate that little French notebook I picked up this weekend. I started out by chalking the flowers - the cover is slick, so I first sanded the area a bit to give myself some traction.

I then used my Versamark pen to fill in the areas as I chalked them - Versamark is a nice medium for this kind of thing, because it gives the chalk a little "stick". I picked up a bunch of eyeshadow applicators at the beauty supply store last night - they're cheap in bulk and easy to use for this kind of thing.

For the lettering and design, I filled certain parts in with a glitter gel pen - just a little shine to make them stand out. I thought, at this stage, that I'd be using a spray fixative on the chalked parts to make sure the chalk would stick, and even made a mask for it, but I think using the Versamark made that unnecessary. (Abbey, if it starts to come off on your hands, let me know and I'll spray it.)

To finish, I wanted to use the little bottle of flowers that I bought this weekend - when I took out the stopper, I found out that it was really just flower petals, which was actually better - there were several little circles on the cover that I thought would make a nice pattern for "scattered" petals. I glued those on with a Martha Stewart glue pen - it's like a ballpoint pen for glue, and it goes on blue and dries clear so you can see where you've covered.

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FUMCCMissions said...

And it's so cute! Nothing has rubbed off as of yet... I think it'll be fine. I love it, thanks!