Sunday, October 5, 2008

Belated World Cardmaking Day

Due to anniversary and pre-move activities, World Cardmaking Day had to take a backseat to dinner, packing, and selling stuff on Craigslist (anybody want a fish tank, patio furniture, coffee table, or end table, by the way?). I did get a start on this card, and then kind of got stuck at this stage. A friend at work brought me this cute Halloween paper, and I had the stickers from my haunted house. I tore the edges of the paper put the owl on... and then really liked it. I was feeling like it needed something else, but I really liked how simple it was.

So I slept on it, and this morning I busted out my sadly underused Crop-O-Dile. It's a fun little tool for hole-punching, eyelet-setting, and snap fixing that is SO much easier (and quieter) than hammers and other various tools I've used for those purposes before. And it has pink handles and is in a pink case - can't go wrong there. I set these three jumbo eyelets (almost went for the black-black ones, but I thought this dark grey was nicer), and decided it was done. The inside will have my favorite Halloween-y verse from Macbeth: "Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, something wicked this way comes!" (You're welcome for the earworm, Harry Potter fans.)

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Casey said...

that is cool looking!