Thursday, October 16, 2008

Packing purgatory

I'm right in the middle of packing up all my craft stuff, so I don't have anything to share.

Well, actually, I do, because I made a SUPER-cute card for my mother-in-law's birthday the other day, but she doesn't have it yet, so I don't want to post it. If I'm making a card for someone in particular, I like to wait till they see it for themselves before I put it up here.

So, once she gets her card, you'll get to see it... and until then, maybe I'll get some photos as I'm setting up my new! improved! craft room. We picked up the keys last night, and the apartment is so great (well, except for the living room wall - I showed the apartment person the yellow I was thinking of, and she was like, "Oh, we have one already just like that, so you don't have to buy any paint" - um, yeah... not really. It's like the brightest crayon-y yellow ever. So I picked up a paler, sunny yellow last night and they're re-doing it today) - I'm so excited to get moved in.

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