Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wedding tag

I had a whole concept in mind for this wedding card, right up until I started to make it. It just wasn't coming together, but as I was looking for the right paper to use, I came across this pretty bird and tree on French script. Fortunately, the same pattern was used on the largest tag on the sheet of die cuts that comes with the paper (that's one thing I love about Basic Grey papers - they all come with a sheet of coordinating die-cut shapes and a sheet of coordinating alphabet letters).

This, by the way, is from the Blush collection. Such pretty colors! Since the paper is so pretty by itself, I didn't want to do much to it, but I had these tiny pink flowers that coordinate beautifully with the flowers in the design. I stuck them on with ultra-thin Glue Dots (what did I ever do without those) and added Stickle centers to make them pop. Super easy and quick, but I think it's pretty adorable.

Postscript: Aaaand... I was FIVE AND A HALF HOURS LATE for the wedding. Five and a half hours! I am the lamest person in the history of lame. This is what happens when you "save the date" in Google Calendar and forget to ever go back and put in the real time once the invitation comes. Crap!


Leslie Miller said...

Oh, it IS beautiful and I'm so sorry about the wedding! How distressing!

Casey said...

How beautiful! I too am sorry about the wedding.