Saturday, November 1, 2008

Getting there

You'll recall the wretched mess I was dealing with a few days ago. We got on the stick last night and cleared up the whole apartment - moved unpacked boxes to one location, stacked nicely, organized things to make it easier to unpack. I've spent today unpacking stamping stuff and figuring out my organization scheme. I went by the Scrapbook Barn garage sale, just to see how things were going, and was excited to pick up a brand new set of IKEA organization baskets - 4 for $10. I'd actually been planning on getting the same baskets when we make a big IKEA run for furniture, so I was glad to find them. The smaller ones hang perfectly on the shelving that's already built into the closet.

I set up my stamps on this small shelf - I still need to hang my ink pad holders, but I forgot to bring a hammer and nails over from the old place. I did get my paper organizer set up, though, so everything's pretty much at hand. I put up one of my favorite organizational tools in the closet - an over-the-door shoe holder. I use one in the pantry for spices, one in the coat closet for sundries like screwdrivers, batteries, and tape measures, and now one in my craft room for punches and other small items. Everything's coming together really nicely!

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