Saturday, November 29, 2008

Treasure Trove

I went to a historic-downtown's Christmas kickoff festival this afternoon with Jenny and Mark - it was so much fun! I hadn't realized how many great little shops were there - the last time I tried to go, the whole square was under construction and it looked like everything had shut down. I'm so glad it was temporary!

One place we spent a LOT of time was at one of the many (MANY) antique malls in the square - I didn't buy much, but what I did get was fantastic. All of the items in these photos came from one big bag labeled "Misc. Craft" for $4.95. What a fantastic find! Vintage pearl trim and little pink pearls (love those!), tons of tiny silk flowers, various colors of shiny cord and rick-rack, several odd tiny crocheted bits, a big bag of fabric leaves - so much fun stuff!

And some, well... really ODD stuff...

The skull button creeps me out, so it won't be sticking around, but I think the tiny plastic flies are hilarious. I need to find something great to do with them.

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